Remix Hotel Paris

The Remix Hotel is all about perfect harmonies.

It's the right balance between reality and fantasy.

Who you are and whom you want to be.

Here, you won't feel at home; You'll feel much better.


Identity & Branding, Print


Saar Zafrir Design



Remix Hotel Paris

Print Design

It's a mix of music, neon lights, and 80's aesthetics. It's about Black and White, bold colors, contrasts. A blend of old and new that create a cocktail of fun and glam.

Icons Design

Wallpaper Design

"Leave a mark they can't erase".

Hand-Drawn Tattoo wallpaper, inspired by the lyrics of "Forever Young" (the JZ version). The wallpaper is hanged in all guest rooms.


Tattoo Wallpaper Remix Hotel Paris
wallpaper - remix hotel paris

Indoor Photography - Anaël Joly

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