Love Birds | Collar Enamel Pin

€34,00 EUR

Beautiful enamel pin, colored black, white, and gold, connected with two golden chains. The pins fit perfectly with every color, upscaling your look to gorgeous. The pins are especially recommended to be worn on a jacket collar, a tailored shirt, or a turtle-neck sweater. 

Packed in a black string closure envelope, making it the perfect gift to someone you love (yourself included).

  • Material - Hard Enamel, Gold metal finish.
  • Pin Size: 4 cm (1.6 Inch)
  • Chains length - 19cm (7.48 Inch) and 16cm (6.29 inch).

How to clean the pins:

Just like anything, pins need cleaning to maintain their original shine and prevent (or remove) rust.

Microfiber clothes should be your new best friend. And, if you don’t have microfiber cloths, any soft cloth and non-abrasive polishing creams should do. The key is ensuring you’re not being too rough, which could damage the pins!

You can start by removing the pin back from the pin before polishing. When polishing, be aware of the sharp pin! Start with a small spot first to ensure that the polishing cream you chose isn’t too harsh on the pin (you can do this by using a small cotton swab). Once all is good, you can polish the entire pin, but be sure to be gentle!

Avoid overexposure to light and heat to ensure your pins don’t fade over time. Not only can repeated exposure to light and heat fade your pins, but it can also affect the durability of your pins.