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Wanna talk business? Spread love or share ideas? We are here for that!

Useless Collab? Yes, please.

We are in the process of overhauling our Collaborations process - we’d love for you to apply!

We currently have several different collaborations programs - here’s a brief description of each:

Affiliates Program

Share with your audience about UT products and earn commissions when purchases are made through your link! Best for partners with highly engaged audience, ideally on multiple different platforms (ie. IG, TikTok, Email, etc.)

Social Media Re-posts

Who needs financial compensation, you’re just looking for more exposure! If you have content that you’d love or us to re-post in exchange for a shout out on our socials (and promotion for your latest product launch or announcement) - this is for you!

UGC Content Creation

Get paid a flat fee to create UGC content about UT! Best for top-notch content creators, regardless of your following size! (Be aware, this is a super popular program, and we’re a super small company….so our resources are limited. But we ❤️ UGC :)

Sponsored Posts

Get paid a flat fee to make promotional content for UT, and share with your audience! Best for creators with very large audiences and lots of experience creating compelling content.

Cross Promotions and Campaigns

We scratch your back, you scratch ours :) This program is for businesses and collaborators with complimentary product offerings and strategic marketing goals that align with ours. If that’s you - let’s do a giveaway, a collaborative post, a meet-up, or something even more creative!

Interested in a useless collab? You are welcome to fill out the application form.

Collaborations Application

And just a heads up, due to the large number of submissions we get, it might take us a few days to answer. Please be patiant with us.

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