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Exclusive, limited edition prints and small-run products designed by Useless Treasures studio, shipped worldwide from Berlin with love.

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Love Birds

Those two love birds are connected with thin gold chains. The birds are made to fly or crash together. They can use it to pull each other up or down - It's a matter of knowing when and how to use it. I feel some have these chains in their lives as well. They're just invisible.

The perfect gift to someone you love (yourself included). 

You Said It
You Said It
Tolle Qualität, sehr persönliche Verpackung, schnell und unkompliziert!
— Lea
You Said It
My biggest compliments for the incredible quality of your prints and the unbelievable ideas that you have for your art! Please keep going!
— Janne
Butterfly with red lace wings, on green background. Art illustration by useless treasures.
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